Com Calma - Holistic Detox & Yoga Retreats in Portugal 2018/19
Alentejo - Algarve - Costa Vicentina
At any time and season

program cost (accomodation not yet included):

For accomodation view Link at page end.

Detox Yoga & Juicefasting Retreats  
One to one support tailor made  
Couple/Friends Retreat  per week/pp 700 €
Personal Detox Retreat  per week 820 €
Early bird booking(>3 month in advance) 700€
Extension day (fasting, breaking fast)   90 €
Green smoothies & yoga week   pp 350 €

(daily yoga outdoor, max 2 ltr daily)

Extension day pp   45€
Ayurveda & Hatha Yoga week  
(6x Yoga, 2x 60 min Ayurveda massage) 190 €
more ayurvedic treatments available  
Reiki holiday - relax!  
(3x 60 min deep relaxation treatment)   90 €
Yoga holiday (6x Yoga outdoor/90 min.)   90 €
Yin Yoga, Shivananda, Satyananda Yoga  
Meditation retreat and yoga (on request)  

combination possible
Add. accommodation(rooms from 50 €, apartm./houses from 50 €)
Location/prices: depending on season

Airports: Lisbon (3 hours by car) and Faro (2 hours)

For further information

Link: contact