Com Calma - Detox Yoga & Juicefasting Holiday - Portugal
Algarve - Costa Vicentina - Alentejo
At any time and season.

Juicefasting and Yoga - tailor made!
Rejuvenate, detoxify body and mind, nourish your soul...
daily fresh prepared organic juices and green smoothies, personal training hatha yoga outdoor

Or come and enjoy a wonderful

   6x 90 min yoga outdoor, max 2 ltr per day

   3x Reiki deep relaxation treatment 60 min

   extended meditation sessions, pranayama, hatha yoga.

A wonderful time to calm down, recover and relax.
Fresh sea air, breathtaking environment.
Location near Odeçeixe and S. Teotonio.
10 to 30 min by car to the 8 most beautiful beaches of West Algarve and South Alentejo. Enjoy sunsets. Welcome!

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Anands amazing hands and oil and dedication to his massages making you feel wonderful all over. Unforgettable holiday! And my first experience with hatha yoga - gorgeous!  Jane