Green Smoothies and Yoga holiday in Portugal
Algarve - Alentejo - Costa Vicentina

Start the day with 90 min yoga outdoor, later enjoy the first green. You will get two other transportable for beach, short or long trips. Discover the beautiful countryside, the Algarve mountains, the city Lagos.
Drink 1 to 2 ltr green smoothies per day and water of good quality. You can drink the greens for detoxing and you can have your meals.
Green smoothies are a revolution in detoxing, a movement worldwide for a healthier lifestyle. This combination of blended fruits and green leaves, discovered by Victoria Boutenko, inspired us to introduce more people into this wonderful and very effective green juices. Green smoothies provide you with vitamins and minerals, proteins and fiber.
One of the main advantages is that it requires next to no digestion and can be absorbed and assimilated immediately into the bloodstream, allowing the digestive system to rest. This important quality of juice allows it to be used by people who suffer from severe nutritional deficiencies or have highly irritable digestive system.
The green smoothies freshly prepared in the morning help you purifying your blood.